Flareact v1.0

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Flareact v1.0 has been released! We've come a long way since Flareact was introduced as an experimental project in August 2020.

This release includes:

You can upgrade existing projects right away:

yarn add flareact react react-dom

TypeScript Support

TypeScript support is here!

Starting today, you can use TypeScript with Flareact. All you need to do is install typescript as a dependency:

yarn add typescript

Then you can write your React components using TypeScript. Types FTW:

type IndexProps = {
  message: string;

export async function getEdgeProps() {
  return {
    props: {
      message: "Hello",
    } as IndexProps,

export default function Index({ message }: IndexProps) {
  return (

Read more about TypeScript in the docs.

Support for Sass styling out of the box

A lot of people use Sass. Previously, if you wanted to use Sass with a Flareact app, you had to add a custom Webpack config in flareact.config.js and install a sass-loader.

No more! You can now write .scss files in you Flareact app with zero additional config or dependencies.

// styles/app.scss

.hello {
  .world {
    content: "hi";
// pages/_app.js
import "../styles/app.scss";

Support for CSS Modules out of the box

A lot of folks like to use CSS Modules to scope their styles to specific components. That's pretty neat, so we've supported that out of the box in Flareact, too.

To get started, add a stylesheet as a sibling to your component, like components/Alert.module.css (or scss):

.text {
  font-weight: bold;

Then, import the CSS object into your component and apply it as a class:

import styles from "./Alert.module.css";

export default function Alert() {
  return <p className={styles.paragraph}>Alert!</p>;

Read more in the docs.

Composable _document component for more styling options

Prior to Flareact v1, it was impossible to customize the edge-rendered HTML document shell. While you could customize the _app component, you weren't able to customize a _document component in order to support, for example, some CSS-in-JS libraries.

Starting now, you can provide your own pages/_document.js component!

import Document, { Html, Head, Main, FlareactScript } from "flareact/document";

class MyDocument extends Document {
  static async getEdgeProps(ctx) {
    const props = await Document.getEdgeProps(ctx);
    return { ...props };

  render() {
    return (
        <Head />
          <Main />
          <FlareactScript />

export default MyDocument;

This means CSS-in-JS libraries like styled-components are supported in Flareact! Check out the with-styled-components example for more.

Learn how to create a custom _document page.

BREAKING CHANGE: Flareact no longer includes lang="en" on the HTML document. Yeah, it was kind of silly to include that before. You can add your own lang attribute inside a custom pages/_document.js.

Caching fixes and improvements

There were some nasty bugs with regards to caching in Flareact:

  • The build-manifest.js file was being cached forever and never cleared for new deploys
  • Any compiled CSS files were being cached forever and never cleared for new deploys

This has been fixed ๐Ÿ˜ you can now expect your site to load with nice, fresh styles each time you deploy.

Navigation anchor link improvements

Did you know Flareact didn't support navigation anchors prior to v1? ๐Ÿ™€ Me neither.

Now it does... but wait, there's more!

When you click on a Flareact <Link> component, your page will be scrolled to the top (unless it has an anchor #hash, of course). This probably seems like a basic expectation for a modern SPA โ€”ย sorry it wasn't working before!

Upgrade to the latest PostCSS

Flareact now uses PostCSS v8 under the hood. This means it's compatible with TailwindCSS v2. I'm not sure if this breaks anything, but you've been warned.

Thanks to @christian-schlab, @SparklingFun, @cj, and anyone else who contributed to this release!

There's a lot more to come in future releases ๐Ÿค  stay tuned!