Built-In CSS Support

Flareact currently supports several styling methods:

Standard CSS imports

You can import a standard CSS file into any component in your pages folder:

import '../styles.css';

export default MyPage() {

Your compiled stylesheet will be injected into your document. When deploying, your styles will be minimized automatically.

Global Styles

To import a global stylesheet in your application, create a custom App page and import the style there.

In pages/_app.js:

import "../styles.css";

export default function App({ Component, pageProps }) {
  return <Component {...pageProps} />;

CSS Modules

Flareact support CSS Modules. This allows you to write scoped styles using the [name].module.css naming convention.

CSS Modules scope your styles automatically by generating a CSS class name behind the scenes. CSS Modules files can be imported anywhere in your application.

For example, you could create a component like Alert and store it in a components/ folder.

First, create components/Alert.module.css:

.text {
  font-weight: bold;

Next, create your component and import the CSS module as you would any other dependency. Each class within your CSS file will be available as a property on the imported styles object:

import styles from "./Alert.module.css";

export default function Alert() {
  return <p className={styles.text}>Alert!</p>;

CSS Modules are an optional feature and are only enabled for files ending in .module.css (or .module.scss).

In production, CSS modules files are smartly concatenated and minified to provide the optimal bundle size and loading pattern based on usage within your Flareact application.


Flareact supports Sass out of the box. Any files ending in .scss will automatically be processed as normal stylesheets:

// styles/app.scss

.hello {
  .world {
    content: "hi";


Flareact processes all styles through PostCSS.

Learn more about customizing your PostCSS config.


Since you can define a custom pages/_document.js, Flareact supports popular CSS-in-JS libraries like styled-components.

Here are a list of CSS-in-JS examples you might find handy: